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Winter tips for cat owners

Winter tips for cat owners

When the climate changes, you need to protect both yourself and the cat against the severe cold. With simple means, you can make it easier for your cat by activating it more indoors, making sure that the cat gets the right amount of food and always has access to warmth. 

Keep them busy 

Cats who are used to being active outdoors can more easily become bored and frustrated indoors because they do not get the same outlet for their energy as during the summer months. The frustration can lead to the cat starting to scratch furniture, urinate in places outside the box or eat more food. 

It is always good to offer your cat various activation toys, claw trees and other things that help your cat get an outlet for its energy during the winter months. All cats need both mental and physical stimulation to feel good. Does your cat seem bored or restless? Then it might be a good idea to come up with something to activate it. 

Adjust food intake if energy needs are reduced 

When the cat is less active during the winter, it is a good idea to consider that the energy requirement decreases. Many cats put on a few extra kilos during the winter months because they move less than during the summer. 
How much a cat should eat depends on how big it is, what lifestyle it has and what food you give it. There are often recommendations on the packaging for the feed that are good to start from. The thing to remember when it comes to cats is that their food must contain a lot of protein and fat. 

Make sure your cat can always come back 

There is no danger in letting the cat out despite freezing temperatures and snow cover, but then it should be during times when the cat can come in when it needs to. The Swedish Board of Agriculture sets certain requirements for keeping cats outdoors. For example, outdoor cats must have access to protection against wind and precipitation. 



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