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Use Reflectors to save dog lives in the dark

Use Reflectors to save dog lives in the dark

With reduced daylight hours and darker evenings, it’s essential to ensure your visibility when heading outdoors, whether you’re with your pets or not. This is the perfect time to check your reflectors and lighting gear.Reflectors can lose their effectiveness rapidly, so it’s important to evaluate their performance before going out in the dark, especially with your dog.

Reflectors are Lifesavers

A person clad in dark clothing without reflectors can be spotted from approximately 25 meters away by a car with low beam headlights. However, with the addition of reflectors, this visibility range extends to 125 meters, as reported by the Swedish Transport Administration. The risk of being involved in a car accident that leads to injury or fatality is three times higher during the dark hours compared to daylight. As per the National Road Safety Profile, 41% fatalities that happen in Ireland, happen in the dark. 

How to check your reflectors?

To verify the effectiveness of your reflectors, venture outside in dimly lit conditions and inspect them alongside a new reflector, shining a flashlight on them from a distance of 100 meters. Ineffective or poorly visible reflectors should not be used.

Consider your visibility from all angles, not just the front. While many people focus on frontal visibility, ensuring that you can be seen clearly from the rear and sides is equally important. A reflector attached to your back can significantly enhance visibility.

Illuminate Your Way

Both you and your dog can substantially improve your visibility by incorporating some form of lighting. There are various excellent options, such as illuminated necklaces or small lights that can be affixed to jacket zippers, leashes, or your dog’s collar. For those residing in less densely populated areas, a headlamp can serve as both a reliable source of illumination and increased visibility.

Opt for Attire and Leashes with Integrated Reflectors

In today’s market, you’ll find a wide array of jackets, shoes, leashes, and dog blankets equipped with built-in reflectors, which complement other reflective accessories effectively.

For an extra level of visibility place reflectors at varying heights, both high on your jacket, low on your legs, and on your dog. 

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