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Taking your dog to the beach

The beach is a wonderful place for dogs, with lots of exciting smells, impressions and opportunities for activities. Before you pack your parasol and cooler bag, you must find out about the rules, regulations and whether it is a dog friendly beach. Check whether you are allowed to take dogs with you and what leash requirements are in place.
Taking your dog to the beach

1. Keep the temperature in check 

Dogs cannot tolerate heat as well as we do, so it is important to provide them access to shade.  You can always buy a cooling blanket or mat to keep the dog’s body cool.  

Avoid going to the beach at the hottest time of the day. After visiting the beach, let the dog bathe, wash or cool it down by carefully pouring water on the fur or placing a wet towel over parts of the dog.  


2. Watch your dog’s paws 

If you find the sand too hot when you walk barefoot, it will be too hot for your dog. If you walk your dog on hot sand, it can result in burnt and blistered paw pads 

There are chances of finding sharp shells or shards of glass in the sand or the sea. Choose your beach carefully and bring a first aid kit in case of an accident. This way in case your dog is injured, you can stop the bleeding yourself before you go to a vet.  


3. Avoid water tails and wet skin

If your dog is not used to swimming and suddenly exerts its tail differently and for long periods, it can result in an inflammatory condition known as ‘water tail’.  The condition can also occur in dogs that, for various reasons, wag continuously for a longer period.  


Wet eczema or hot spot as it is also called, is an itchy rash that can occur when the skin becomes moist over time. The dog will often itch aggressively at this and can end up with large wounds. 

If your dog starts scratching excessively in a specific area, it's advisable to see a vet promptly to address the condition and alleviate discomfort. 

To prevent wet eczema from occurring, care should be taken that the dog is not wet or damp for long periods. When you get home from the beach, rinse the salt water from the fur of your dog with lukewarm clean water and make sure to fully dry them.


4. Salt poisoning

Salt poisoning can occur in dogs that ingest large amounts of salt water. Normally, dogs do not drink too much salt water if it has access to fresh water. However, some dogs may find it fun to catch bubbles or splashes and may in this way end up ingesting large amounts of salt water.

If your dog thinks this is a fun activity, it may not realise the taste and continue playing. Hence, it is important to keep an eye out and make sure that the dog is not left alone at the beach. Also always have fresh water that the dog can drink and offer this regularly.


5. Show consideration

Have full control of your dog when you are on the beach. The beach is a highly stimulating place for a dog, and you may find yours more excited and boisterous than usual.

Please respect other people and pets. Even if your Dog is very friendly, remember that other people may be afraid of dogs, allergic or simply do not want a dog taking part in their beach day out.

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