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St. Patrick's Day Safety Tips for your pet

St. Patrick's Day Safety Tips for your pet

As the St. Patrick's Day festivities approach, pet owners are gearing up to celebrate the holiday with their friends, family and our lovely pets. From exciting local parades to traditional Irish music and feasts, the spirit of St. Patrick's Day is infectious.  

Pet owners in the past few years are finding creative ways to include their four-legged friends in the festivities. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that some experiences can be overwhelming for our pets. Agria is here to ensure your St. Patrick's Day is stress-free for both you and your pet! 

Keep the Shamrocks away:  

Shamrocks, often regarded as symbols of luck and associated with St. Patrick's Day, are indeed beautiful plants that many people enjoy gifting and displaying during this festive time. However, it's important for pet owners to be aware that shamrocks, specifically those of the Oxalis genus, can pose a risk to dogs if ingested in large quantities. 

“While small amounts of shamrocks may not cause significant harm, consuming large quantities can lead to gastrointestinal upset in dogs. Symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling, and abdominal pain. In severe cases, ingestion of large amounts of shamrocks can potentially result in more serious issues such as kidney damage.” says head Vet Agria Petinsurance, Robin Hargreaves 

Say no to chocolates and alcohol:

While it's tempting to share your St. Patrick's Day treats with your pet, remember that many festive foods, like chocolate and sweets, can be harmful to them. Keep these treats out of reach and opt for pet-friendly alternatives instead. If you worry that your pet has consumed something it shouldn’t reach out to your vet immediately.  

Soda Bread with Raisins: 

Some Irish soda breads contain raisins. Raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs and be fatal. If you worry that your dog has consumed any soda bread or sweet treat with raisins, please contact your vet immediately.  

Keep the volumes down:

Loud noises from parties and celebrations can be distressing for pets, so it's essential to keep the volumes down. Consider creating a quiet space for your pet to retreat to if they become overwhelmed by the noise. 

Avoid walking at busy times:

St. Patrick's Day festivities often fill the streets with crowds and noise, potentially unsettling for pets. It's advisable to steer clear of walking your pet during the bustling early hours of the day. Instead, opt for quieter times and routes to ensure their comfort and well-being. 

 St. Patrick's Day can be a fun celebration for pets too, but it's essential to celebrate responsibly. Keep an eye on your pet's behaviour and comfort level throughout the festivities to ensure they're not overwhelmed.  

 Wishing everyone a great St.Patrick's Day! 

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