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Learn to examine your cat

Examine your cat by looking, feeling and smelling
Learn to examine your cat

How to examine your cat: 

  1. Check that the eyes are clear. 

  2. Make sure the nose isn’t runny. 

  3. Smell and look down into the ears. 

  4. Lift the lip to smell and look at the teeth and mucous membranes. If the cat allows, you can open the mouth gently. It should also not smell bad from the cat's mouth. 

  5. Use your fingers and feel the cat for wounds, ticks, nodules, boils or swellings. 

  6. Look on and under the paws. Check the claws and don't forget the cat's first claw that sits on the inside a little higher up. Don’t forget to examine all 5 toes and 5 claws.  

  7. Lift the tail and look around the anal opening. 

  8. Feel the udder line of the female cat for udder tumours. 

  9. Check the temperature of the cat and learn your cat's normal temperature. 

  10. Weigh the cat regularly to keep track of the weight. 

  11. Listen to the cat's breathing. Learn your cat's normal breathing pattern and breathing rate. 

  12. Keep an eye on the cat's movement patterns. Check if it is moving less, hunting or playing less, sleeping in more accessible places, interacting less with people and other animals.  



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