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How to toilet train your puppy

How to toilet train your puppy

One of your first tasks as a dog parent will be to toilet train your puppy. It may take some time until your new friend is properly trained, so patience and dedication are needed. 

Set A Schedule 

 Your puppy will need to go potty every time they eat, every time they are active, before night, and at regular intervals throughout the day. Dogs learn more effectively when there is a daily routine in place. Due of their extremely small bladders, puppies frequently need to urinate at night. You may need to set your alarm and take your pet outdoors frequently. Choose a location outside that is close to your home for your pet to relieve themselves; the location should be peaceful and distraction-free. In order to prevent them from wandering off or becoming distracted, it is a good idea to keep them on a lead. 

Watch Out for the Signs 

Watch out for any signs that your puppy is about to urinate or defecate. Take your dog outside as soon as possible if they are circling, sniffing the ground, barking, or appear nervous.   

Positive reinforcement 

Give your puppy lots of praise and rewards when it relieves itself outside. By offering rewards, you may teach your puppy that going outside is a good thing. Dogs are far more likely to repeat behaviour that has been praised.  

A Simple Repeated Command 

Using the same straightforward command, such as "Toilet," each time you take your dog outdoors will help them develop an association between the word and toileting, which will make the phrase a verbal cue for them to urinate or defecate. 

Commitment and Consistency 

The same command word must be used each time you take your dog to the same spot outside. For the training to be successful, everyone involved in toilet training the dog must adopt the same strategy. 


It will take time to potty train your puppy. The amount of time required to potty train puppies varies greatly amongst different breeds of dogs. The amount of time depends on the size, age, and learning capacity of your puppy as well as your dedication to the procedure. It might just take a few weeks for some puppies, while it might take months for others. Keep in mind that your puppy has a small bladder and is still very young. Sadly, accidents will inevitably occur despite your best efforts. Make sure to completely sanitise any area indoors where your pet urinated or defecated, if they can smell where they previously toileted they are more likely to go there again If you observe that your dog is ready to urinate in the wrong place, take them calmly outside to the correct place, and reward them for toileting there. 

Never Punish! 

Never punish your pet if they have an accident. It is unlikely your puppy will understand why they are being reprimanded. Punishing your puppy could cause behavioural issues and damage your bond with your pet. It is best not to give your pet any attention whatsoever in relation to indoor accidents.  

Remember that while toilet training is hard work for you, it should be a positive experience for your puppy. 

Best of luck!! 



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