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How to bringing home your new cat - Get Tips and Advice

How to bringing home your new cat - Get Tips and Advice

Key Considerations Before Adopting a Cat

Choosing the Right Cat Breed

When deciding to adopt, contemplate whether you prefer a purebred cat with defined characteristics or a domestic cat with an unknown lineage. Each choice has its unique attributes, and understanding the breed's traits can help you make an informed decision.

Finding Your New Family Member

Numerous online platforms and newspapers feature cats available for adoption. Additionally, consider reaching out to cat shelters that specialize in the care and rehoming of homeless cats.

Guidelines for Buying a Kitten

If you're leaning towards adopting a kitten, congratulations on your choice! Before finalizing the adoption, visit the kittens and assess their health. They should be clean, have clear eyes, and show no signs of illness. Meeting the mother (and ideally, the father) offers insight into their appearance and temperament.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Ensure the breeder provides a purchase contract detailing agreed-upon terms. The kitten should be vet-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed. Familiarize yourself with the schedule for future vaccinations and deworming, along with essential feeding instructions.

Consider Adoption from a Shelter

Opting to adopt a cat from a shelter provides a loving home to a cat in need. Learn about the advantages of shelter adoption and how it contributes to alleviating the issue of homeless cats.

Creating a Cat-Friendly Environment

Adapting Your Living Space

Evaluate your living situation and surroundings. If space is limited or temporary, it may be best to postpone adopting a cat. Additionally, assess the safety of your location, especially if you intend to allow your cat outdoors.

Securing Balconies

For apartment dwellers with balconies, install a protective net to prevent accidents and ensure your cat's safety.

Ensuring Companionship

Cats, while independent, still require human interaction. If you travel frequently, arrange for a reliable caregiver to provide food, water, and company. Consider options like a trusted friend or a reputable cat boarding facility.

After Adoption: Essential Steps

Buy Pet Insurance

Secure insurance coverage for your new cat promptly. You can avoid having to bear the high and unpredictable costs themselves in the event of an injury or illness. Cats can also develop chronic diseases like urinary tract disease, kidney diseases, diabetes and others as they age. For pet parents, cat insurance can be an affordable way to pay for this care.

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Prepare Your Home

Have all necessary accessories and supplies ready for your cat's arrival. This includes food, bowls, a litter box, scratching post, bed, collar, and identification tags or harness and leash.

Prioritize Health and Well-being

Schedule necessary veterinary care, including spaying or neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations. Regular check-ups ensure your cat's continued well-being.

Educate Yourself

Familiarize yourself with cat behaviour, needs, and origins. This knowledge will aid in helping your new cat adapt to their surroundings and build a strong bond with you.

Embarking on this journey of cat adoption is an exciting and rewarding experience. We wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect feline companion, and hope that you and your new friend have many wonderful moments together!

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